I have enjoyed working hard to get desired results with the team! Thank you so much for all your info and support I cant wait to continue learning with the King bodies team!

Emma McConochie

8 Week Challenge Client

I understand flexible dieting, how to bank calories and how my body responds. I now know what foods are filling, nutritious and low in cals to fill me up for longer. I'm so proud of the woman I am today!

Shanna Crosbie

8 Week Challenge Client

Thank you for changing my life, you have been a blessing to my journey and will forever be thankful.


Premium Client

17kg lost since I started KingBodies. I am feeling more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

Andra G

Foundation Client

The Kingbodies team helped open my eyes & guide me to a much healthier & sustainable way of living and caring for my body.I am stronger both mentally and physically.

Indiana Leonard

8 Week Challenge Client

I have learned so much during the last two months, about form and technique while working out, how to track properly & the importance of macronutrients. I've also started to take more responsibility and care for my body.

Jana Walshe

8 Week Challenge Client

I have learnt how to track my meals including to plan for a night out and not be restricted on foods I can eat.I have learnt so much on this challenge and found the support fromThe community so awesome and kept me going when I was struggling.

Jaimee Lawson

8 Week Challenge Client

My mindset has completely changed!  I literally cannot thank Em, Matt and Kirra enough for helping me get to a much more positive life!

Lori Hams

8 Week Challenge Client